Classification and Feature Extraction 

Newton Creek Wetlands
Object-based classification of a 125-acre area encompassing Newton Creek Wetlands in Corvallis, OR. The classification was performed using eCognition software and integrating 30-cm resolution aerial imagery in 4 bands (Red, Green, Blue, Near infrared), and 1-m resolution LiDAR data. The fine resolution classification includes 3 water classes of different water depths, and several grass, shrub, and tree classes.

Tree and shrub delineation
Shrub cover and tree crowns were extracted using semi-automated methods and eCognition software for determining percent shrub cover in an arid rangeland and number of trees in a forested area. 

UAV image classifications
Object-based classification of a UAV image mosaic. Imagery was acquired in Arizona using an unmanned aircraft equipped with a 6-band multispectral camera (Tetracam MiniMCA). The 20-cm resolution imagery was classified to the species level using eCognition software.

 Small landowner mapping examples
For these mapping products, I use freely available imagery and GIS data and provide the data using the free GIS viewer ArcExplorer.
Open Oak Farm, Oregon 30 acres
Sweet Home Farms , Oregon 65 acres 

Farm Systems Mapping examples
Examples of more detailed mapping products for farmers and landowners, including digitized field outlines, fences, locations of hedgerows and biological insect and disease control, and occurrence of crop diseases.  The maps and GIS data can be used for wildlife and biodiversity conservation planning, crop rotation planning, and for tracking treatments and plantings from year to year. These types of data are especially helpful for planning and reporting purposes in organic and ecological farming systems.
Wintergreen Farm , Oregon 172 acres
Biodesign Farm , Montana 30 acres
Woodleaf Farm , California, 26 acres

Persephone Farm, Oregon, 64 acres 

Pinnacle Farm, California, 250 acres