Introduction to GIS: Map Your Environment

Learn how to map your environment using open source GIS software and freely available spatial data

This self-paced course on CD is delivered entirely in video format, and the course CD contains 18 video tutorials, GIS data, and instructions for downloading the open source GIS program Quantum GIS (QGIS). (View complete Curriculum)Email support for questions is included.

Created by Dr Andrea Laliberte from, the course consists of 18 video-based lectures, designed to make it both fun and easy to learn to use GIS in an applied fashion.

At your own pace, you will learn what is GIS or Geographic Information systems, and how you can use these tools and techniques to map your environment.
The course is ideally suited for small landowners or those interested in Permaculture to do site planning for buildings, greenhouses, ponds, etc., based on spatial data layers such as terrain, drainages, slope, and aspect in conjunction with parcel data.

Regardless of whether you own land or not, this course provides an excellent introduction to GIS for anyone who is fascinated by maps and imagery and wants to learn how to work with spatial data. You will learn about freely available aerial photos, elevation data, soil maps, and other data layers, as well as open source software, and integration of GIS data into Google Earth.

Easy step-by-step tutorials will allow anyone without any prior GIS knowledge to create maps and perform basic analysis.

Course Cost$99 +$5 shipping/handling