Welcome to earthmetrics


I provide remote sensing data analysis and geospatial processing of satellite and airborne imagery for natural resource applications. I specialize in very high resolution land use/land cover mapping using geographic object-based image analysis (GEOBIA), terrain extraction from airborne imagery, feature extraction from panchromatic, visible bands and multispectral imagery, and innovative technology such as using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for remote sensing.

After 14 years in academic and government research, I started earthmetrics to focus on providing image analysis services in natural resources, developing GIS mapping tools for small landowners, and further the use of small unmanned aircraft for environmental remote sensing applications.


Recent Clients and Projects

Oregon State University Department of Horticulture
Detailed Farm systems mapping in CA, OR, MT: create fine-detail GIS layers for individual farms for planning wildlife and biodiversity conservation, crop rotations, plantings, and reporting purposes in organic and ecological farming systems

UAV Start-up Company
Platforms, sensors, and software for UAV-based remote sensing for precision agriculture.
Evaluation of UAV-based sensors suitable for citrus and vineyard precision agriculture mapping

Eagle Digital Imaging, Inc
Object-based image analysis of high resolution airborne imagery: extract number of trees, map competing vegetation, and determine low-stock forested areas in Oregon

Spatial Solutions, Inc
Mapping fine detail biophysical settings (BpS) vegetation classes from high resolution satellite imagery for sage grouse habitat and fire risk in Nevada

The Nature Conservancy
Review of the rangeland biophysical settings (BpS) vegetation models for the LANDFIRE database

Soil Carbon Coalition
Using Google Earth Engine to evaluate change over time in range and pasture lands using long-term Landsat and MODIS composite data

Oregon State University Department of Applied Economics
GIS analysis of water rights spatial data for Willamette Water 2100, a project studying impact of climate change, population and economic growth on availability and use of water in the Willamette River Basin in Oregon

Visit the Portfolio page for some mapping examples